CMTV Provides a complete range of services to help you develop a strategy, implement and optimize your Social Media campaigns.

Communications Audits

  • Benchmark current status of your social media platform.
  • Measure standing on key words and phrases
  • Assess current state of integration among Website, YouTube, Facebook & Twitter
  • Provide recommendations on how to bring your Social Media initiatives to the next level of effectiveness.

Strategic Counsel

  • Help develop messaging for specific goals that will be executed across multiple platforms.
  • Advise clients on the social media platforms that will best support their goals
  • Develop strategy for filling the pipeline with content
  • Advise clients on the optimum type of content for each platform
  • Explain how to integrate messages across platforms
  • Develop quantifiable measures of success for programs/campaigns.
  • Review success of programs/campaigns against analytics.

Content Generation

  • Video production and upload to YouTube, FB
    (Including video news releases, B-roll)
  • Website copy
  • Presentations
  • Newsletters
  • Contests
  • Marketing materials and brochures
  • Podcast recording

Technology Briefings

  • Provide quarterly updates on changing social media platforms
  • Review how companies are using platforms effectively
  • Address emerging applications and their effectiveness.

Event Production & Management

  • Speaker Coaching
  • Press & Media events
  • Industry Keynote events
  • Tradeshow support

Email/Enewsletter Campaigns

  • Create templates that coordinate with your website
  • Write content.
  • Track open rates.

Website Design

  • Develop Information Architecture/strategic approach
  • Write content
  • Research key words
  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Integrate with Facebook, YouTube and Twitter
  • Track analytics

Facebook Pages

  • Update design to coordinate with website
  • Develop strategic plan for content
  • Create Tab pages
  • Write copy
  • Monitor responses
  • Increase “likes”
  • Automate postings
  • Create albums of photos and videos


  • Update design to coordinate with website
  • Develop strategic plan for content
  • Set up automated Tweeting system
  • Grow followers through strategic outreach
  • Integrate with Facebook, YouTube and Twitter

YouTube Channel Management

  • Set up Channel
  • Enhance Channel
  • Implement graphic look & feel to tie into your Website
  • Create branding opportunities.
  • Recommend playlists.
  • Optimize all copy for VSEO (playlists, titles, keywords, tags, descriptive text)
  • Create and run contests
  • Create and run fund raising campaigns and solicit donations.
  • Manage site to respond to seasonal events (homecoming, admissions, new student welcome, etc.)
  • Build and link to “sub” Channels to highlight specific
  • Provide monthly/quarterly reports on analytics.


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